Scholarships & Bursaries


Terra Nova School has had a tradition of making generous Scholarship awards. Scholarships fall into five categories

  • Academic
  • Performing Arts
  • Creative Arts
  • Sport
  • All-Rounder

Awards are made to pupils looking to enter Year 7. Pupils can sit the Scholarship assessments in either Years 5 or 6. All potential scholars will sit papers in Maths, English and Verbal reasoning, and be interviewed by two members of the Senior Leadership Team.

Academic Scholarships
Candidates must show exceptional academic ability across the curriculum combined with a keen interest, and they sit the Scholarship Examination: they spend a day at the school and awards are made on the basis of mathematical papers, written papers, Verbal reasoning and interview with at least two members of the Senior Leadership Team.

Performing Arts Scholarships
We award Performing Arts Scholarships each year, worth up to 10% of the fees depending on the quality of musicianship or performance and the range of entry in any one year. In addition, Music Scholars receive discounted music tuition on one instrument, to be review annually.

Scholars are expected to play a full part in the performing arts life of the School during their time at Terra Nova. Candidates should provide any evidence of external examinations or performances with their application.

Creative Art Scholarships
A small number of Creative Arts Scholarships are awarded each year, most of which carry a fee remission of up to 10%. Awards are made on the basis of a personal portfolio, a practical assessment and an interview.

Sports Scholarships
A number of Sports Scholarships are awarded annually, worth up to 10% of the fees. Candidates will spend a day at Terra Nova, during which they will be evaluated in their chosen sports and a variety of other fitness and decision-making tests.

The school will also take into account references supplied by the candidate’s school and by other individuals involved in coaching the candidate. Sports Scholars are expected to play a full part in the sporting life of the School during their time at Terra Nova.

All-Rounder Scholarships
Each year, several pupils are assessed for an E. Owen All-Rounder Scholarship. All-rounder candidates must present two areas for assessment: Creative arts (Art or DT) + Sport / Performing Arts.

The following scholarship criteria documents act as a guide for potential scholars and are not exhaustive:

Creative Arts Scholarship Criteria

Performing Arts Scholarship Criteria

Sports Scholarship Criteria

Scholarship application form


What is a Bursary?
As a registered charity Terra Nova School is committed to providing public benefit on a local and regional basis, supporting children from a wide variety of backgrounds. The school achieves this by offering financial support for families, through a means-tested bursary, on a sliding scale.

Hardship Bursary
Parents of children who are already attending the School may apply for a hardship bursary if there is a significant change in their circumstances (for example, a reduction in earnings or a redundancy) which could not reasonably have been foreseen at the time of entry into the School. In such cases, bursaries would not normally be approved until the pupil has completed one academic year at that School.

In considering the suitability of a child who is currently at the School for a hardship bursary award, account will be taken of the pupil’s progress and of their contribution to the life of the School, as well as of the change in the parents’ financial circumstances.

Transformational Bursary
Terra Nova would like to offer up to four transformational bursaries per academic year. This will provide full support for a child throughout their time at the school making sure that those children who would best benefit from a private education and outstanding opportunities are able to do so, regardless of the financial circumstances of their parents. Pupils come first, and at Terra Nova School we are passionate in our goal to identify the potential in each individual and do everything we can to ensure their success.

To find out more information about Bursary opportunities at Terra Nova School, please email or alternatively call 01477 571251. For full school information, please visit the website