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I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Terra Nova School. This website has been created to provide you with all the information you need to know about us.

At Terra Nova School we offer something unique in our family centred nursery in beautiful surroundings.

‘Come through our door and start to explore’

Our excellent staff ratio ensures that one-to-one attention can often be given and the staff have the time to get to know each child as an individual.


We accept children from 2.5 years old. Children will be able to attend the Nursery flexibly e.g. a flexible number of sessions on the days of their choosing, if available.

We create an environment both indoors and outdoors with a perfect balance of both child initiated and adult led activities, that enables children to learn specific skills. 

Children will experience well planned activities led by a teacher and well qualified teaching assistants and encouraged to tackle challenges independently.

Children follow their interests as well as collaborate with their peers in solving problems. The environment encourages children to become active and motivated learners who develop into competent, confident and capable young people.

We refer to Nursery and Reception as the Early Years. In the Early Years, staff base their teaching around the Early Years Foundation Stage. Child-led learning and play-based exploration underpins the approach where learning is supported through positive interaction with adults whose careful questioning, observation and reflective practice inform their daily practice. 

I hope this has given you a strong sense of the importance we place in Early Years education here at Terra Nova School. On behalf of all the teaching staff, welcome to Early Years.

Mrs. Carol Roach
Head of Early Years


For full details of early years provision please download our attached booklet (PDF).