Our Heritage

The school was founded in 1897 by E.Owen at The Tower House, Melton Mowbray. It moved to Birkdale, Southport in 1901 and to its current site near to Holmes Chapel, Cheshire on 29 September 1939. 68 boys, all of whom were boarders, arrived at the new incarnation of Terra Nova School, the original school in Birkdale having been requisitioned by the government in August 1939.

This potted history demonstrates how Terra Nova has adapted and changed through its lengthy history. To quote “Terra Nova School – The First 100 Years by Anthony Elleray” in 1998: “It strives to be a school of its time. TN retains, however, a continuing tradition of community, which finds its most obvious expression in the smiles of children and their pride in, and affection for, their school.

In so doing, it adapts to today one early precept of the school. The talents of the individual child are noted and nurtured. Then the child discovers that he or she can ‘do it’, for the child’s own sake, and then with pleasure, for the community of the school.”