Terra Nova's Geography lessons educate students on the importance and relevance of global issues

Gone are the days of the Geography teacher being the uncool, dressed in a tweed jacket with patches, geeky teacher. Terra Nova's geography teachers are sleek,cool and cutting edge, well so I tell myself anyway!
There is no more relevant topic than Geography at the moment. Of course the word geography is not used in mass media coverage, instead, the world is talking about 'climate change.'
Pupils of all ages are interested and concerned in equal measures, and rightly so. Across our Senior Prep school, lessons are focusing on different aspects of Geography study. However, no matter what the subject matter; conversations and debate constantly revert to the topic of climate change. 
It is the generation who currently sit in our classrooms who will be affected by this challenge the most. They, if allowed, will have the power to make changes and alter both local, national and international policy. Therefore, it is only right that as cool, sleek and cutting edge educators (if you say it enough times it must be true), we facilitate these discussions carefully so that decisions can be based on facts and not mass hysteria. 
Year 5 Geography this week focused on locally sourced goods vs those brought in from overseas; particularly South America. Discussions quickly centred around costs, time, lost revenue due to foods rotting and finally, of course, pollution. There we were, back to the topic of climate change. 
At Terra Nova lessons such as this are brought to life, not by the teacher (I won't go there again) but by children who have parents who work local farms. Why should we buy locally? What is the impact of not buying locally ? 
Geography allows students to fully appreciate the world in which they live. It allows children to reflect on the type of world they wish to live in and it allows them to learn and form their own opinions. Geography lets our children know why they live, where they do and why others live in a different way. Geography is officially cool. Who says so? A man who still doesn't mind wearing the odd tweed jacket!!!