Students use innovation and motivation to raise funds for 'Children in Need'

Throughout the school, a variety of activities are taking place to raise funds for 'Children in Need':

- All children have donated to be able to come to school in their pyjamas / onesies

- In this morning's assembly, a quiz took place and if teacher Head of Houses answered a question incorrectly the punishment was a pie to the face!

- Year 8 are running a marathon, taking it in turns to run as many miles as they can, at time of print 23 miles had been completed!

- At the end of the day a mass of cakes will be on sale

and in Year 5, to build on the messages from Children in Need and because they were all in their cosy pyjamas, they decided to have a lovely reading session in the Hub with Year 5.  Mrs Capewell read ‘The Snow Dragon ‘ by Abi Elphinstone and the children then chose what they thought was the most significant moral from the story. Some of the most beautiful and thought- provoking ideas came from the story, including ‘Never give up hope,’ ‘There will always be an adventure waiting out there for you,’ and ‘As one door closes, another one opens’ among many others. Year 5's contributions added to the poignancy of what is a really important day.